Whether you’re looking for a 4, 6, 8 or 16 seater vehicle, Station Taxis always aim to give you the most competitive price. 
We accept all major credit cards and also offer Gift Vouchers for that special occasion! 


On receipt of your booking request by one of our friendly operators, our system incorporates “Caller Line Identification”, automatically displaying your number, recognising if you’ve called us before, and displaying details of any previous bookings. This is particularly useful for repeat bookings, increasing efficiency and accuracy, as well as reducing the risk of error. 
Station Taxis operate a computerised Booking and Despatch system which automatically selects the nearest vehicle to you and informs the driver electronically, which reduces your waiting time. This also enables us to track all our vehicles in real time. 


We also operate a “Text Back” service where we will automatically text you notification that our vehicle is on its way, reducing any frustration and also allowing you to remain in a safe, comfortable environment until your taxi arrives. 
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